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Pain management

Pain Management

Pain is a wide spectrum of disorders including acute pain, chronic pain, cancer pain and sometimes a combination of all of these. Pain can also arise from many different reasons such as surgery, injuries, nerve damage, arthritis, fibromyalgia or metabolic problems such as diabetes. Occasionally, pain can occur without any obvious cause at all.

Pain can be an incapacitating condition, however there are ways to alleviate it. The first step in pain management is scheduling an appointment with a doctor to determine the cause of the pain and learn which pain management approach is often the most effective.

There are many different pain management options available. Pain management can be simple or complex, depending on the cause of the pain. Some conditions can often be alleviated with over the counter medication and physical therapy. Other options may include procedures, prescription medication, counseling, acupuncture or alternative therapies.

One way to manage your pain is through your primary care physician. Our internists will work closely with your pain management provider to insure good communication, which in turn helps provide the optimum treatment for our patients. Patients are also often referred by specialists who deal with different types of pain problems.

NorthPark Medical Group is happy to provide innovative and compassionate care to our patients who suffer from pain. Our goal is to help you cope with the physical and the psychological aspects of your pain. We strive to improve your functional level in order to help you to take an active role in managing your pain and regaining control of your life.

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