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Category Archives: Nutrition

10 Feb, 2022

You Can Use Food As Medicine To Relieve Pain and Inflammation!

Do You Know The Benefits of an Anti-Inflammatory Diet? Who says staying in shape has to be a chore? You’ll be ecstatic to find that merely changing your diet can help you manage chronic pain and inflammation (or possibly even avoid those symptoms entirely). Even better, the diet you choose doesn’t have to taste like

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10 Feb, 2021

Find Relief for the Pain You Feel – By Simply Changing Your Diet!

The food you eat can have a tremendous impact on your energy and your waistline. What’s harder to remember is that your nutritional choices can impact your joint pain, too! At our physical therapy clinic, we advocate for a holistic approach to improving acute or chronic pain conditions. To your physical therapist, you’re not just

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10 Jun, 2020

If You Don’t Think Nutrition Has an Effect on Your Aches and Pains, Think Again.

Are Your Dietary Choices Making You Hurt? Some people eat to live, others live to eat — and still others are feeding their chronic aches and pains without even realizing it. If your pain issues have gotten steadily worse, maybe you need to look at your nutritional choices. Eating too much and/or eating the wrong

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