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6 Ways Your Health Can Improve Thanks to Physical Therapy

If you’ve recently been injured, fallen ill, or been diagnosed with a medical condition, physical therapy can help you improve your physical health. When you visit NorthPark Medical Group one of our skilled therapists will develop an individualized treatment plan that meets your needs. Treatment in a physical therapy program is a safe, conservative, and natural approach to managing medical issues, unlike the use of prescription medication and invasive surgeries.

Keep reading to learn more about how physical therapy can help you feel your best and enjoy better health!

6 Health-Benefits of Physical Therapy

1. It Relieves or Eliminates Pain

Soft tissue manipulation, ultrasound, electric stimulation, and focused exercises are examples of manual therapy treatments that can help reduce pain and improve joint and muscle function. These techniques can also prevent pain from coming back in the future.

Your physical therapist may also recommend the following treatments for pain-relief:

  • Deep stretching: Your physical therapist can guide you through specialized stretching techniques that will target the source of your pain, thereby helping to improve your range of motion and support the development of muscle mass in the area of your pain.
  • Hot and cold therapy: The combination of hot and cold therapy can help to reduce swelling and alleviate pain, and when used in combination with other natural strategies can be a great source of relief from chronic pain.
  • Weight lifting: As you begin to experience tension relief and decreased swelling in the targeted area, your physical therapist can then guide you through the process of building muscle mass to support a full and healthy recovery.
  • Targeted massage: Your physical therapist can identify the area that may be causing the pain and utilize massage techniques to reduce tension in that particular area, thereby helping to alleviate pressure in your joints and reduce pain.

2. It Diminishes Your Need for Surgery

The need for surgery is considerably reduced when physical therapy is used to rehabilitate and relieve pain. “PT treatment has been found to be as beneficial as surgery for some disorders, such as meniscal tears and knee osteoarthritis.”

3. It Prevents Your Risk of Falls by Improving Your Balance

A physical therapist will assess your risk of falling during physical treatment. You will be taught exercises to help you improve your balance in real-life situations. To guarantee safe walking, assistive aids will be provided. A physical therapist will also use specific strategies to decrease or eliminate the symptoms of vertigo and dizziness if you have a problem with your vestibular system.

4. Increases Mobility and Range of Motion

Physical therapy promotes mobility through both passive and active therapies. Your physical therapist will prescribe you a set of exercises and movements to strengthen your muscles and greatly improve your flexibility; this way you can engage in activities and lead a healthy lifestyle.

5. Curbs Some of the Harmful Effects of Aging

Osteoporosis and arthritis are more likely to occur as people age. A physical therapist is a skilled professional who assists patients in recovering from and managing age-related health issues such as osteoporosis and arthritis.

6. Addresses Symptoms of Lung and Heart Disease

Physical therapy is a vital component of comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation. A physical therapist can help you improve your health and quality of life by teaching you breathing, strengthening, and conditioning exercises. Physical therapy can also aid in the removal of fluid from the lungs.

The Impact of Physical Therapy on Osteoporosis

Physical therapy has been shown to be beneficial for health issues such as osteoporosis in clinical tests. One of the ten most frequent diseases is osteoporosis. ” Patients were recruited to participate in physical therapy for osteoporosis from the Klinikum Südstadt hospital and the University hospital of Rostock’s osteoporosis outpatient clinics. 44 osteoporosis patients undertook a twice-weekly 30-minute vigorous exercise program over the course of three months.

Physical treatment reduced discomfort and increased function, with sling exercise participants gaining the most, according to the findings. Improved health was the outcome of a mix of functional improvement and pain relief.” This is only one of several studies that demonstrate the health benefits of physical therapy.

Start Your Physical Therapy Treatment Plan Today!

Your physical therapist will provide you with an individualized treatment plan to address your challenges, needs and goals. A physical therapist will help you manage pain, improve chronic conditions, recover from an injury and prevent future chronic diseases.

At NorthPark Medical Group, your PT will also work alongside other health professionals to ensure that you get the very best of care. Patients are urged to take an active role in their own therapy. Physical therapy is intended to improve your health and assist you in returning to your normal activities. Don’t wait to start working towards better health, contact our practice today!

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